Nov 12th

D8Bridge version 2.0 Announced!

After almost two years of development, Bluaudio is proud to announce D8Bridge 2.0! The new version is a complete redesign of the original software and it has grown from a utility tool to a complete solution for your audio console. D8Bridge 2.0 can act as a replacement to the aging and discontinued MackieOS. Here is a list of the main new features:

  • Rendered Graphic User Interface with modern looks
  • Virtual MIDI ports that are managed by D8Bridge (no more MidiYoke)
  • Ethernet or serial connection to the console (no more custom cables)
  • Support for MCU, HUI and General MIDI protocols
  • Support audio routing and mixing
  • Support for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Compatible with all major DAWs (Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, etc)
  • D8Bridge usable without a D8B! (As remote control software)

More features will be announced and added as we get close to the release date. The price and release date will be announced shortly.

Oct 31st

D8Bridge 2.0 Teaser!

Hello all! It's been a little while since the last update... You'll understand why, here's a little teaser of what D8Bridge will look like. Thanks for Peter Holmquist for the nice graphics.

Apr 2nd

D8Bridge version 1.1 released!

Bluaudio released D8Bridge version 1.1. Check your inboxes friends, it's no april-fool joke! All registered users will receive the new version via email for free! Updates and changes:

  • Fader routine/calculation redone for smoother operation (and fixes fader jumps)
  • MCU init routine working now! (Fixed Cakewalk Sonar Compatibility)
  • Pans are cleared out when D8B booting (might cause weird pans and such)
  • Unmapped buttons now don't send "RecRdy Off" anymore
  • A lot of minor cosmetic changes here and there
  • Complete rewrite of the meter bridge routine (Faster, no more flicker)
  • Added "Fast Faders" option (undocumented d8b feature!)
  • Added automatic launch of DAW software (just add your DAW path in DAW.TXT)
  • Added Select Hold for automation write (disable motors/fader touch emulation)
  • Added support for channel display / assignment (the 2 digits now is 100% MCU)
  • Changed the 5 seconds delay to a OK box in "Test Leds"
  • Added "MCU Init" LEDs state in main window
  • Two "format" will be available for the application, 32 and 64bit
Mar 19

A new mirror for MidiYoke.

Recently, MIDIOX's web site went down for a while and users could not download MidiYoke anymore. We added a download mirror of MidiYoke just to make sure it would be always available to the D8Bridge community. If you need to download MidiYoke, you can click here.

Dec 19

HUI (Pro Tools) development just started...

Hello again! You are reading good, development for HUI support has just started! You know what this means? Yes! Finally, support for Pro Tools! We are still too early to announce a release date for now. If you have some documentation on the HUI protocol, we would gladly appreciate some help! Keep on visiting our site to know when D8Bridge version 1.1 will be released.

Dec 14

D8Bridge user forum is now opened!

Yes! We now have a forum where you guys can post and express yourself. Bluaudio would like to thank Peter Holmquist once again for providing a space for us to talk and help each other.

D8Bridge User Forum

Dec 12

D8Bridge version 1.0 released!

Bluaudio is proud to announce that D8Bridge version 1.0 has been finally released. After a few weeks of beta testing, the results were quite good. No crashes, everything is stable and ready for prime time. Thanks to Peter Holmquist for testing D8Bridge at his own recording/mixing facility, he helped in the testing phase.

We would like to thank all the users who already bought the software! It is so good to see that some folks appreciate all the work and efforts we put into this. Cheers!